torsdag, mars 08, 2007

Våren på väg till Göteborg!

I god tid till detta packar jag mitt pick och pack härifrån.


Blogger lala said...

hi, i just saw your version of 'hope there's someone' by chance in you tube. your voice is beautiful, i'd like to read what you write but i don't understand a word. just passing by,
greetings from buenos aires

4:29 fm  
Blogger Carlos R. L. C. said...

hello!!.. i´m from mexico, and i really understand the lyrics of your blog..

your voice is very beautiful!!.. nick drake is one of my favorites.

8:31 fm  
Anonymous Antonio said...

Hi! My name is Antonio, i’m Italian. I watch your video on u tube: you have a very beatiful voice and I love the music that you listen too. I like, as you: antony and the jonhnsons, nick drake and radiohead.. I have been in Sweden two years ago and since that holiday I absolutely love your country. And I like so much to see the pictures on your space! I would read and understand what do you write but…I don’t understand the Swedish! See you soon! =)

8:44 em  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Excellent voice. Excellent songs.
I'm Maxi, from Argentina and i'm a kind of... "amateur" writer of 16 years old.
My english is'nt very good, but i'm doing the best i can, jaja.


5:39 fm  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Hola, me llamo Orlando y te escribo desde España. He visto algunos vídeos tuyos en Youtube, y quiero decirte que no lo haces nada mal, a mí también me gusta Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake y Antony, veo que tienes una gran sensibilidad, si quieres hablar algún día conmigo, te dejo mi messenger de hotmail:

2:46 fm  

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